US Department of Transportation | The Smart City Challenge Video

  USDOT’s The Smart City Challenge Denver’s Final Pitch Video Denver was one of seven finalists for the US Department of Transportation’s $40 million grant for The Smart City Challenge. MBR Studios created the video for the final pitch, working closely with Denver’s Smart City team.  This project included storyboarding, filming, interviews, voiceovers and music, editing/post-production and motion graphics. View the video: Contact us now to learn how video can help tell your story! MBR Studios  […] read more

Colorado Real Estate Journal BUILDING DIALOG

Colorado Real Estate Journal BUILDING DIALOG Real Estate Marketing:  Hollywood Meets Reality The world of real estate marketing has undergone significant changes, evolving from a static presentation to one of the most engaging examples of technology.  This started with the advent of 3D software and architecture’s adaptation of Hollywood-quality programs.  In the late 1990’s, 3D renderings began to tell the architect’s story and convey their vision better than any sketch or ink on mylar drawing  […] read more