Experience Virtual Reality, Storytelling enters a new dimension

Experience Virtual Reality
Storytelling enters a new dimension

Discover how our 360VR (Virtual Reality) can engage the viewer and create a truly immersive experience.  These 360 renderings and videos capture the complete space and allow the viewer to experience it as if they were there.  Optimized for head-mounted displays, or HMD’s, these renderings/videos are best viewed on Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Daydream/Cardboard. They can also be easily viewed on websites that have 360 capabilities, such as Facebook and YouTube.

MBR Studios’ 360VR experiences add an additional level of storytelling and sophistication to any presentation.  360VR renderings can be utilized throughout the marketing campaign, including showrooms with HMD’s, YouTube/Facebook, websites and still images that can also utilized in print materials.


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MBR Studios
Visual Storytelling for the built environment



MOSAIC website is live with examples of 360VR


MBR Studios Visual Story for MOSAIC includes 3D Renderings, branding/logo design, print materials, website, photography and signage for a new development in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood in downtown Denver.  The MOSAIC logo received the Home Builder Association MAME Logo of the Year.

Developer/Architect:    Ray Design Development


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