Brand Story: Branding for Real Estate Development


Vision + Emotion

Real estate development begins with a vision.  Without architecture and planning, combined with a thoughtful solution to a need, a logo and identity are just a commodity.

The brand is what will resonate with people, it’s how they feel about the development.  It influences how they feel, think, act, and behave.  It is the emotional connection that drives action.

Branding, including a brand story, is how we create those feelings.  It’s how we make brand strategy come alive.

We can influence people’s perceptions by creating a consistent, engaging brand experience at all touchpoints.  These are the brand identity, including touchpoints such as a logo and graphic elements, website, videos, photography, 3D renderings and marketing communications.Creating a brand experience that is engaging, inspiring, and communicates clearly, will guide your audience into your development, encourage their interest and interaction, and create a positive impression that will elevate your project beyond the competition.  It will make the difference.

Brand Strategy

We begin with strategy.  Brand strategy is a defined plan for the development of a successful brand.  This is what your development stands for, what personality it conveys, and how it resonates with your audience.  

The brand is more than a logo, name, or website.  It is the experience of your audience and relationship with your project.  Your brand lives day-to-day interacting with your market and audience.

A clear brand strategy will ensure that all elements of your branding, marketing, and presentations engage, inspire and communicate clearly with your audience.  


Brand Story:  Define the Brand

How do we build a voice for a brand?  How do we tell its story?  

Your audience trusts people and organizations that share their values and belief systems.  When a new development embodies these values and belief systems, it will attract and resonate with them.

How do we define the brand story and create messaging that will engage and inspire your audience?

We begin with 4 Steps: WHY, WHO, HOW, WHAT

*Inspired by Simon Sinek

PURPOSE: What is your WHY?

What are the brands Beliefs and Values?  How does this help your audience succeed (features/benefits)?

This is the foundation of your purpose, your ‘why’.  By communicating this message, you will connect and resonate with your audience, building trust and inspiring action.


Who does your development champion?  Who is it for?  Who is it not good for?

The vision for your project is not for everyone.  It is important that the brand story, the messaging, speaks directly to the correct audience.


What is the Tone/Voice or Attribute of the brand?  What makes you different? How will our brand support your purpose?


What is the Look/Feel of the brand?  What do you offer your audience?  

Connecting this to the complete process – Why, Who, How – provides your audience with the final pieces of information to make an educated decision with confidence.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
*Simon Sinek

Positioning:  Defining the Audience and Their Journey


Audience + Motivation:  

Understand your audience, what is motivating them and what problems they are facing.                                                                                                                                                 
What are their needs?
What problems are they facing? What is their fear?

Awareness + Challenge:

How do they find your opportunity?  What are they looking for?

Vision + Engage:  

What hooks them?  What made this interesting?  What alternatives do they consider?                                                                  
Why wouldn’t they buy?  What would stop them from making a purchase?
What story will engage them?  What story will alleviate their concerns?

Plan + Action:                              

Guide with a plan is presented to your audience.  
What story will motivate them to take action?  
How can this story offer a clear path to a desired future?

Transformation + The Future:   

This is the life they desired at the beginning of the journey.  Obstacles are overcome and their dreams are realized.   

Delight + Advocacy:

Fulfillment is experienced and expectations exceeded.  Advocating and sharing the positive experience with others.

Personas:  Building Personas for the Ideal Audience


Name: Give them a name for easy reference throughout
Demographics: Age, Gender (if applicable), Occupations + Job title, Goals/Aspirations, Education, Location, Family status, Income  
Psychographics: Hobbies/Interests, Sports, Music, Restaurant preferences, Car model, Lifestyle, Fashion preferences, Favorite publications
Channels: Social media, social clubs, where they can be reached
Personality: Political or Social opinions, Passions
Goals: Personal + Professional aspirations
Fears + Pain Points: Barriers to overcome
Solution + Delight: How can this development provide what they need?

Core Message:  The Foundation for Consistent Messaging

Primary Core Messaging:

Who we serve
Where they need help
Key benefit
Their market alternative/competition

Secondary Core Messaging:

What we believe
Our vision for the future – 1 year, 5 years, 10 years
The mission we’re on
The way we do business

Delivering the Brand Story

Combining these elements, we are able to build a story that engages, inspires, and communicates with clarity.  The story and messaging are the overall branding nomenclature as well as the taglines and personality/attitude.  

Once we have the foundation built, we can begin with designing the visual identity.  This will include the logo/logo mark, color scheme, and various elements and touchpoints.  Approaching a project with strategy and a holistic vision ensures all pieces complement each other throughout, further enforcing the overall brand story.

You can view our process for Designing for the Brand Story here:

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