I-440 RFP Pursuit

North Carolina




Virtual Reality
Film + Motion Graphics


HDR engaged MBR to create an 3D animation that would highlight the highway improvements along I-440 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We worked with their team under a short timeframe to captivate the new overpasses and interchanges and how they would connect to the existing infrastructure.

I-440 RFP Pursuit
I-440 RFP Pursuit
NEW BRIDGE + INTERSECTIONS - The traffic flow is animated to highlight the functionality
I-440 RFP Pursuit

Story + Solution

We began with rough 3D models, CAD and satellite imagery. Combining these elements, we were able to show a seamless transition to the new infrastructure improvements, traffic flow and overall surroundings throughout the multi-mile project.
Camera angles were carefully selected to highlight specific portions of the project, including unique overpasses and the integration with existing conditions.
Finally, motion graphics were added to highlight details along throughout the video.

I-440 RFP Pursuit


Evaluating and understanding the different assets was vital to success. MBR worked closely with HDR’s team to integrate these pieces and ensure each portion of the project was represented accurately.

I-440 RFP Pursuit
CAD Files with Satellite Photography
I-440 RFP Pursuit
DRAFT 3D Images - These showcase the striping and highway improvements
I-440 RFP Pursuit