Visual Storytelling for Real Estate Development – An Introduction


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Stories Matter

Stories are the foundation of mankind. Stories tell us about our past and build a bridge to the future. They connect us to each other and to the world. They build communities and cities. Stories engage an audience, inspire a vision for the future, and communicate in a clear, easily understood manner.

Visual Storytelling and Why it Makes a Difference

Visual Storytelling is an effective method of communicating complex narratives in a visually engaging manner.  Visual Storytelling places your audience at the heart of the story, staged with emotional experiences that begin with empathy, and their challenges, and lead them to your solution.  Finally, Visual Storytelling showcases the improvement your project will bring to their lives, ensuring enthusiastic support.

3D renderings/animations/virtual reality, motion graphics, voice-overs, graphic/interactive design, video, and photography can communicate your vision in a clear and concise manner that your audience will understand and immerse themselves within.  

A high-quality visual solution forms an emotional connection between your audience and your vision, long before anything is built.  This connection will engage stakeholders, accelerate pre-sales/leases, and enable your project to stand out from the competition.

Building Your Story


01 The Process

The process for building your story is the foundation.  Understanding your audience, what motivates them and what their challenges are will enable a clear path to a solution that will resonate with them.  This ensures that each part of the Visual Storytelling process contributes to the overall presentation and messaging.

Audience + Motivation
Awareness + Challenge
Vision + Engage
Plan + Action
Transformation + The Future

02 The Steps

We go through a step-by-step, collaborative effort that begins with research and ends with the final touchpoints.  This approach provides all involved with a clear understanding of where things are at and what the next steps will be.  

Strategy + Collaboration
Design + Execute
Elements + Touchpoint

03 The Tools

The presentation pieces, the Visuals, are where the strategy, the Process and the Steps, come together to create a cohesive, comprehensive story.  Each project is unique and through the above steps, we can create a truly memorable, clear, and engaging Visual Story.

3D.  Renderings, Animations and Virtual Reality
Branding. Strategy + Messaging
Interactive.  Website Design + Development
Print + Digital Design.  Graphic Design + Motion Graphics
Video + Photography.  Scripts, Lifestyle, Drones

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