Visual Storytelling for Real Estate Development


Stories are the foundation of mankind. Stories tell us about our past and build a bridge to the future. They connect us to each other and to the world. They build communities and cities. Stories engage an audience, inspire a vision for the future, and communicate in a clear, easily understood manner.

What is Visual Storytelling and why does it matter to you and your projects?

“Visual Storytelling is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.”   –  Wikipedia

Simply put, Visual Storytelling is communicating a story through the use of a combination of visual media.  

Why does it matter?  More importantly, how can it make a difference in your project’s marketing efforts?

Visual Storytelling is an effective approach that combines all elements of a brand strategy into one cohesive, comprehensive presentation where each piece contributes to the whole.  Build your story that engages, inspires, and communicates with clarity.  Connect with your audience and create a story that will be embraced and retold.

Build Your Story: The Process


Audience + Motivation:  

Understand your audience, what is motivating them and what problems they are facing.                                                                                                                                                 
What are their needs?  What is their fear?

Awareness + Challenge:

How do they find your opportunity?  What are they looking for?

Vision + Engage:  

What hooks them?  What made this interesting?  What alternatives do they consider?                                                                  
Why wouldn’t they buy?  What would stop them from making a purchase?
What story will engage them?  What story will alleviate their concerns?

Plan + Action: 

Guide with a plan is presented to your audience.  
What story will motivate them to take action?  
How can this story offer a clear path to a desired future?

Transformation + The Future:                                              

This is the life they desired at the beginning of the journey.  Obstacles are overcome and their dreams are realized.    

Delight + Advocacy:

Fulfillment is experienced and expectations exceeded.  Advocating and sharing the positive experience with others.

Building Your Story:  The Steps


01 Discovery

Each project begins with a discovery session to uncover the goals and aspirations of the project. This process brings clarity and understanding and ensures that there is a shared vision amongst all parties involved. In addition, it will uncover the advantageous approaches, including production elements such as print, renderings, video, etc., and avoid unnecessary elements while focusing on the most important

02 Strategy + Collaboration

Picking up from the discovery session, the strategy moving forward will be efficient and clear. Collaboration will play a vital role throughout the process and formulate an effective system for communication and feedback.

03 Design + Execute

Once the foundation has been built with 01 + 02, we put our designer’s hats on and get to work. Throughout this step there will be several points for discussion, feedback, and approvals. We keep the communication channels open and efficient and welcome input throughout the project. Our follow-through is consistent and thorough. We aim to execute with the same momentum we established in the previous steps.

04 Elements + Touchpoints

The conclusion of the previous 3 steps brings us to the elements and touchpoints. These are the tangible parts – renderings, branding and identity creation, website, video, etc. – of the project that will bring the vision to life.

Visual Appeal + Emotional Connection:  The Results + Advantages

A high-quality visual solution forms an emotional connection between your audience and your vision, long before anything is built.  This connection will engage stakeholders, accelerate pre-sales/leases, and enable your project to stand out from the competition.When done well, Visual Storytelling will engage your audience through each element and touchpoint, creating a self-reinforcing experience that will resonate and last.  In addition to forming a cohesive visual solution, this method will also significantly reduce the time going between agencies, eliminate misguided pieces that don’t align with the overall vision, and save on the investment.

Building Your Story:  The Tools

Stories Matter.   Visual Storytelling and Why it Matters

Visual Storytelling is an effective method of communicating the complex narratives in a visually engaging manner.  Visual Storytelling places your audience at the heart of the story, staged with emotional experiences that begin with empathy, their challenges, and leads them to your solution.  Finally, Visual Storytelling showcases the improvement your project will bring to their lives, ensuring enthusiastic support.

3D renderings/animations/virtual reality, motion graphics, voice-overs, graphic/interactive design, video and photography can communicate your vision in a clear and concise manner that your audience will understand and immerse themselves within.  

A high-quality visual solution forms an emotional connection between your audience and your vision, long before anything is built.  This connection will engage stakeholders, accelerate pre-sales/leases, and enable your project to stand out from the competition.

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